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Mustang on Mt. Bike 17 days.

Mountain Biking Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is more than just a challenging mountain bike journey; it’s a path of discovery, of culture, of breathtaking scenery, friendly heart-warming people and so much more. Yes we know the permit fee is a lot, but for US$500 you will get 5 million times worth of amazement, pleasure and experience from this trip. Venture into a land where Nomads herd yaks in the high pastures, ponies carry your luggage, rosy cheeked locals toil the arid soil to earn a living, where Tibetan culture is almost untouched by civilization and add to this some of the BEST and most Challenging mountain biking terrain in the world and you have a simply unforgettable journey. For Angs Himalayan Adventures, this is our favorite ride in Nepal. Put simply these trip showcases the very best Mountain Biking that the Himalaya has to offer!


August 2nd 2022

May 16th 2023

we also do custom private trips according to your time and availability.