Trips > Climbing Clinic, Lobuche East 6135mts. 26 Days

Climbing Clinic, Lobuche East 6135mts. 26 Days

This trip if for the fit and who wants a hand on mountaineering and get high altitude experience. You need not have any mountaineering experience as you will be given a hand on training before summiting the mountain. Lobuche East is a trekking peak but not technically difficult. The views from the summit is just stunning. Our instructors/leaders for this trip are instructors of KCC (Khumbu Climbing Center) with numerous amounts of summits on 8000mts peaks. With these big mountains at their backyard, who would know these mountains better than them.

Departure Date:

April 2nd 2022

Oct 20th 2023

Nov 1st 2023

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