Testimonials - Why Us?

I have trekked three times in the Himalaya with Ang and on each occasion took my family.

My kids were only 11 & 13 on our first Trek to the Ladakh region of Northern India and we have since trekked in the Annapurnas & to EBC.

You will not find a better or more knowledgeable guide. His knowledge of the mountains, villages, people and wildlife is second to none and he has an intuitive understanding of when to rest & what pace to set during the day. Ang’s organisational skills are flawless & he always seems to have at least one contingency plan up his sleeve should events dictate. (which can happen in the mountains)

Ang always assembles an excellent team who I can only describe as the most willing, helpful & hardworking people you are ever likely to meet. Despite carrying massive loads, they are always willing to carry someone else’s pack when the going gets really tough.

Ang always kept us entertained in camp with his card tricks & stories but only after making sure we were well fed & watered.

Taking my kids meant that safety was always paramount & I have to say that I have never felt safer. There was never a moment – even during difficult river crossings – did I feel we were ever in serious danger.

His experience at altitude was never more important this year when my daughter suffered from AMS at 4900m. Ang was able to administer oxygen until we were all able to descend to the safety of a lower altitude.

Whilst trekking in the Himalaya I have seen many groups with insufficient guides & porters to cater for the size of group they are leading. Not so with Ang. He always has the correct ratio of porters & guides to facilitate maximum safety.

I have put my trust in Ang on three occasions in the last 4 years & I can heartily recommend him as a guide & a friend. Not only is he a man of the mountains, he is also a man of the people.

- Charlie Quantick
Bristol, UK

My experience in Nepal, while being guided by Ang was unforgettable. Everyday was a fun, entertaining adventure and I felt safe the entire time. I challenged myself beyond my expectations and would go back again in a heart beat.

- Nikki Metcalfe

Trekking with Ang was a fantastic experience. Staying in the local villages and experiencing the culture gives you a true appreciation for the beauty of this country and its people. The majestic Himalaya's will take your breath away, and Ang's knowledge and character will leave an impression that will last a life time.

- Sarah Jeffery

I met Ang on my first trek back in 1999 and was impressed with the warmth, knowledge and experience of this man. We became close friends over the years. Ang also led me on three occasions to various regions within Nepal (Everest, Annapurnas/Dhaulagiri, white water rafting on the Tirsuli and Elephant safaris through Chitwan National Park that borders India to the South). Then to the Everest region was a challenging trek to high altitude over three high passes(each just under 20,000 feet). The success of this sensational trek was attributed to the professionalism of Ang and his crew.

Geoff Metcalfe

Having met Ang on a previous tour some years ago, we did not hesitate to get in touch with him when we started planning Everest High Passes trek for 2009. It is never easy choosing the right person to make your special arrangements, let alone with someone who is on the other side of the world and who many of the party had never heard of !

But there was no need to worry. From the moment we stepped off the plane, Ang's organisation and attention to detail ensured that we all had a trip of a lifetime. In Kathmandu he had arranged great accomodation and personally helped us to find our way around and visit the places we wanted to go. Ang also speaks good English which was really helpful in making sure that we were well prepared for our trek.

However, once we began our Everest walk, it was clear how valuable Ang's expertise and knowledge of the mountains were. Everything was extremly well organised and we always felt as though things were under control. Ang had put together a great team who ensured that we could tackle the challenges of the mountains in the safest and and most enjoyable way possible. The team of guides, porters, cooks and kitchen staff were knowledgeable and friendly and gave us fantastic service and encouragement. Ang also put great emphesis on our health and well-being and maintained the flexibility to change our itinerary if this was required.

Ang is truly a mountain magician. He knows the area like the back of his hand and seemed to be able to make things happen. From lodge accomodation when our tents were in wind storm, to fresh chicken in a place you would never expected to find it, to apple pie at altitude, he never ceased to surprise us! However, the most magical thing that Ang shared with us was his love and passion for the mountains. Walking with someone who has such knowledge of and respect for his environment is what made the trip truly memorable for all of us.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ang for any trip you are planning. He offers fantastic quality at a very resonable price. Thanks for a great trip Ang.

From the Coogee Trekkers,

(Phil, Jenny, Emma, Rhys, Sandy, Sigi)

ANG!! you are a bad man. Cheers for making my first trip out of OZ an absolute amazing experience. You are one in a million.


I met Ang over five years ago when he was the lead guide on an overland trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu. I was impressed immediately by his social charm, excellent english and ability to continually watch over all 16 of us without being intrusive. By the end of the trip I had grown to appreciate him even more for his personal commitment to see that we were enjoying the trip and that we were always safe and healthy. He was smart and very resourceful, particularly if the unexpected happened - which can be fairly often in Tibet and Nepal! There were extras he introduced such as: a few of us enjoyed short hikes with him almost every day including to Everest Base Camp from Rongbuk and later, when we arrived in Kathmandu, he surprised me by suggesting we explore the foothills on mountain bikes on one of his few off days during the busy fall touring/trekking season. The last experience, along with seeing a couple of cycling groups leaving Lhasa for Kathmandu along the Friendship Highway, generated a desire in both of us to make the same bike trip some day. A few years later I gathered together a group of 8 cycling and 2 non-cycling friends and asked Ang if he would guide the trip. He signed on immediately for a trip beginning in Sept 2011. While there was a learning curve for all of us, the trip was very successful and we attributed most of that to Ang and his very capable team. He arranged for everything (e.g. rental bikes, lodging, restaurants, camping equipment, cycling guide, SUVs/truck/drivers, cooks, excellent food, etc.) and everything came off pretty much without a hitch. When there was an issue, Ang always showed his trademark resourcefulness and good humor as the problem was resolved. That was particularly demonstrated when one of us had a fall and experienced significant road abrasion and bruising. Ang's first aid training and full medical kit was crucial in treating the injuries (without infection) and saving the trip for him. As a another friend wrote at the completion of the trip "What more can be said about the efficiency of lead guide Ang Tshering Lama - always willing to please, spreading cheer equally among his flock." I strongly endorse Ang as a guide for any adventure trip you may have in mind to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, etc. He'll make it happen and you'll have a great, safe and enjoyable experience under his watchful care.

Gene Dionne
Denver, Littleton, Colorado, USA

Our trip with Angs Himalayan Adventures was a trip of a life time !! We travelled from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal with a side trip to Base Camp at Mt. Everest. We travelled on bicycles and in vans with tent camping interspersed with hotels. Each campsite was always set up before we arrived and each site offered another view of the varied countreside. The sleeping bags and tents were warm and cozy. We were a group of 10 travellers with a staff of 7 who were friendly, organized and knowledgeable about the culture, professional and we always felt well cared for. The food was delecious ! We would highly recommend this trip for anyone interested in a challenging bicycle ride (with a sag wagon, of course), in a lovely, welcoming country, with a group of well prepared guides.

Paul and Susan Walker,
Golden, Colorado